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All LEGO shows and conventions in the USA and Canada worthy of a visit or even a special trip.


LEGO Fan Festivals

A fan-run convention featuring fan-created LEGO models, games, and contests. These fan festivals are the most elaborate and the most fun!

Run by Adult Fans Of LEGO ("AFOLs") to exhibit their talents and share their passion with fellow fans.  Entrance fees range around $7 to $12 per public visitor.

Typical features:

  • Lots of fan creations ("MOCs") big and small,
  • Door prizes and raffles,
  • Free-roaming, move at your own pace,
  • Vendors selling old LEGO, discontinued LEGO, cusomized LEGO minifigures, etc,
  • On-site cafe,
  • A robotic show, or two, and
  • Many exhibitor fans eager to share their fun.

There are only a handful of fan festivals in the USA and Canada.  They are all (with 10,000 square feet or more) listed on

Due to the nature of these festivals - run by fans for fans - and the close-knit community, most festival organizers attend each others' shows.  Although these fan festivals are run by different people, from across North America, most organizers are on a first-name basis with each other, and their shows share some common exhibitors.

The LEGO Group does not sponsor or endorse these fan festivals, although LEGO staff are usually seen wandering the aisles and in their own LEGO Group booth.

Upcoming Festivals:

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Upcoming Festivals