Brick Calendar

All LEGO shows and conventions in the USA and Canada worthy of a visit or even a special trip.

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AFOL "Adult Fan Of LEGO"

MOC "My Own Creation"
Anything not a LEGO set.

TFOL "Teen Fan Of LEGO"

KFOL "Kid Fan Of LEGO"

LUG "LEGO User Group"
Groups of fans, often adults-only, who meet regularly to build and share.  LUGs have different rules for membership, attendance, and age requirements.

LTC "LEGO Train Club"
A LUG focused primarily on trains and cityscapes.

TLG "The LEGO Group"

External Links

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BrickBuildr is a new site with an extensive list of LUGs, LTCs and its own calendar that reaches beyond North American borders.

A leader among the MOC picture-sharing sites.

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