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All LEGO shows and conventions in the USA and Canada worthy of a visit or even a special trip.

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There exists a community of adult LEGO enthusiasts who, thanks to the wonderful creation of the internet, have the ability to connect with each other - and with you.  The most fanatic of adult LEGO fans ("AFOLs") share their passion with each other through fan expos.

We want you - the parents of energetic 7-year-old builders and destructors, the closet LEGO fan, the teeming LEGO public - to know we are here.  And we welcome you.

We highly recommend attending at least one fan expo in your life.  You'll love it!  Brick Calendar lists all the expos (big enough, fun enough, and priced reasonably enough) you might consider visiting.

Each expo has its own merits and own personality, but they are similar in style.  To save money and time, we recommend the fan expo nearest you.

Do you think your cousin on the other coast would enjoy the LEGO show you attended?  But she's too far away?  No problem.  Send her to

For those who aren't close to a fan expo, or who cannot wait for one, we also include toy expos, long-running shows and permanent displays.

Want to add your LEGO (or LEGO-ish) show to this site?  Contact us.  Please note, Brick Calendar includes only shows with noteworthy LEGO content.

Full disclosure: Brick Calendar is run by the folks from in support of our brethren LEGO fan expos across the U.S. and Canada.

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